Power Slider Rear Cable to Glass Channel Broke
2006 Dodge 2500 Megacab

Ok, for those who may or may not have had this problem (yet). Here is some help should it happen to you.

I followed power rear window slider glass replacement install *INFO* to remove the glass. Thanks JDslucky!

Then unsnap the power cables from the lower channel (both ends).

Then on the outer extreme of the window where the cable enters the cable sheath, lift up on the sheath, and slide them outboard and out of the lower window track (both ends).

Now assuming yours is broke slide each broken part of the lower channel to it's outboard end and is should be able to be lifted up and out of the track.

Here is the tricky part, ordering and getting the CORRECT part. If you look on-line through all the MoPar/Dodge Parts catalogs, you will see a listing for a Lower Channel, that looks nothing like the part you want or a part that even exist. That part (5179973AA), even though the description is right is apparently the WRONG PART. The part you want is actually called the Upper Channel and is part number 5179976AA.

I was not able to find a picture of the actual part on line either through using a description or either of the above part numbers. But for those interested I've attached a photo of the good part and it's packaging and my broken one below.


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