WAWII Build, Repair & Restoration Rates
(Time and Material)

Shop Rates - Automotive (Business Consulting rates provided upon consultation)
$35.00 per hour for research and consulting, plus business expenses.
$50.00 per hour for repairs, maintenance and general restoration. This includes Shop consumables (towels, cleaners, etc…)
$70.00 per hour for painting, plus paint booth rental time and material cost. This includes Shop consumables (tape, sanding paper, etc…)

Please note: Shop rates will fluctuate from time to time due to operating expenses and will be updated accordingly. However (excluding extraordinary circumstances), once you have locked in to a commitment with us, the quoted shop rate(s) will stay the same until the vehicle is completed.

Specialty Shop Costs
Items that are not done in-house such as specialized machine shop services, complex engine machining/rebuilds, alternator and generator repair, starter motor repair, radiator repair, etc… will be invoiced per actual cost plus time involved transporting such items. On some of these services you will be given a quotation prior to repairing items for approval.

Vehicle restoration is not like building something from a pre-engineered kit where everything in known up front. Most vehicles have typically sat for many years, usually out in the weather or in partially exposed structures; there are many unseen problems that can occur. Transmissions and gearboxes could be full of water. Engines can be seized up beyond repair, and heads or blocks may be cracked from lack of anti-freeze. The list goes on and on. Due to this list of unknowns accurate estimates cannot always be given. Even vehicles that have been inside enclosed structures still can have hidden damage.

If hidden damage is found, you will be contacted right away, you have all the information and our recommendations to help you determine what the course of action will be. We will work with you on any such discoveries and keep you in the loop. We understand that these are not unlimited cost projects. Every effort will be made to find the most cost effective solution. We treat the vehicles like they are one of our own.

Billing will be done on a weekly basis. Invoices will include details of the work accomplished for that week, total hours billed according to the shop rate that applies to your particular vehicles, and a detailed list of all material used during that week. Photographs (via e-Mail or on-line) will be provided with each invoice that correlates with the work accomplished for the time period being invoiced - allowing you to "see" the progress of your project.

Payment terms on invoices are net 10 days. Invoices will be sent via e-mail. Work will stop on your vehicle if invoices are not paid within the terms (total of 15 business days and you may be responsible for additional cost associated with storage. Payments can be made with cashier’s checks, personal checks, money orders, or cash. A non-refundable fee of $40.00 will be charged on declined / returned checks.

Supplying of Parts
Parts can be supplied by the customer, by me, or by a combination of both parties. The choice is yours, but supplying used parts can add to cost and time and may not be usable. Documentation will be kept as to what items were owner supplied and that we supplied for the project.

Remember, if you chose to supply parts, that the cheapest part is not always the best part. Parts that do not fit properly will cause delays in work and / or create additional labor and material costs to rework or replace them. Owner supplied parts must arrive is a prompt manner to avoid delays while the project is underway.

We are experts at tracking down parts and can find most parts, even worldwide. So if you cannot find a particular part for the project we may be able to help. Keep in mind that some parts are simply no longer available, and if this is the case custom fabricated parts may be the only alternative. Custom parts will be fabricated on a time and material basis.

Sales tax on parts are the customers responsibility, if we pay them at the time of purchase that will be included in the invoice, if they are not paid that will be indicated on the invoice and the vehicle owner is responsible for them according to their local jurisdiction.

Unless a particular item comes with a warranty, We cannot warranty parts and assemblies whether they are new, used, take-off, rebuilt, or reproduction.

Finder’s Fee
A 5% finder’s fee will be added to any vehicle that we locate for you. There will be no finder’s fee if we do either the repairs or restoration on a vehicle we locate.

Due to the ever fluctuating costs of fuel and wide ranging military vehicle sizes and shapes, vehicle transport cost will be determined a per vehicle basis. A transport cost estimate can be provided and will be updated at the time of shipment.

Vehicle/Project Storage
We are not a storage facility, and do not have the ability to store a project that is not under repair/restoration. If you fail to keep current on invoices, or stop work on a project and have to have it stored, you will be invoiced for the full cost of the outside storage facility and transportation cost to and from the facility.

Liability and Insurance
We cannot be responsible for theft or damage that occurs from conditions beyond our control. You will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining insurance coverage for loss and theft while your vehicle is at our facility, and / or while it is in transit to and from our facility. There are several insurance companies that will underwrite your vehicle if it is under active restoration.