1984 Dodge Ramcharger SE

It's a 1984 Dodge Ramcharger SE 2WD and Equipped with:
318 cu in (5.2 L) V8
3-speed Torqueflite Automatic Transmission
Dodge 9.25 Rear, 3.54 Gears
Air Conditioning
Power Windows
Power Windows and Locks
Cruse Control
Cloth Seats
Carpet Floors
Delay Wipers
Tilt Steering Column

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  Came across a 1984 Dodge RWD Ramcharger for sale on-line outside of Dallas Texas.  The seller had started to pull the engine a couple of years back in preparation for a MoPar Big Block, but priorities changed and now he's got it up for sale.  The engine was almost completely disconnected, and the front clip was still off.  The body looked to be in very good conditions, and was very likely always a Texas Truck.  We reached a deal on the truck, less tires and wheels.  2017-10-25

  With the deal made, I started planning the log trip down with the trailer to pick it up.  After a couple of false starts I made the trip and was thankful my cousin Dennis Cox agreed to meet me to help reinstall the front clip and load it onto the trailer.  2017-11-06

  After getting the Truck home, I gave it a quick bath for a fresh set of detailed pictures.  All in all not a bad truck at all.  Now to make plans on what direction I will go with it.  2017-11-10

  After getting the Ramcharger into the shop and getting some help in pulling the front clip back off I removed the wiring harness and started preparing the engine for a test fire and hopefully run.  2017-11-11
  Here is the Test Start and Run of the Stock 318 LA engine in the Ramcharger.  Not buttoned up tight, but enough to do the test.  The engine if it remains will need to be rebuilt at a minimum but looks to be a good candidate should I go that route.  2017-11-13
  I'm finally back to working on the project. I've not posted any pictures anyplace except facebook at this point, so if you want to watch, follow along over at:  WAWII FaceBook  2020