GM 327 - SOLD                             

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1964/7 GM 327 Fresh Short Block
Block Casting Code:  3782870  (1962-65 327 Block, 250 to 375 HP)
Casting Date:  A104  (January 10th, 1964)
Engine ID Code:  F0113XD  (Flint Motor January 13th, XD was a 1967 Truck Engine)

Engine is from a 1961 Chevrolet C60 Truck, Engine was a 1967 Factory Replacement.
Engine had Very Low Miles after the this engine was installed before the engine was pulled and the truck scrapped.
Block has been cleaned, checked, measured, and new cam bearings by Donnelly Automotive Machine.
Bores, bearings, crank, etc... all are standard and have not been re-sized/bored.
New Cam Bearings, Crank Bearings(Engine Pro MS429P 12-429P), Rod Bearings (Engine Pro CB745P4 11-745P-4), Piston Rings (Hastings 139), Rear Main Seal (Fel-Pro BS40013), Freeze Plugs, etc...

William A. Watson, II
(573) 200-6891
Sales at

The engine came out of a 1961 C60 single axle tractor trailer that was used for hauling grain. When Pop bought the truck in 67/68 the truck had just had a new GM crate motor installed. We used is some on the farm, but for very few miles as we lived only 1/2 mile from the elevator.

The engine has been sitting in my shop, and a year or two ago one of the son-in-laws was going to rebuilt it and use it, but after he disassembled it and before he started the build, he sold the project truck and it just sat. So I decided to move it to a new home.

I've had the block cleaned and checked by Donnelly Automotive Machine here in Decatur. They checked everything, deglazed the cylinders, etc... and installed new Cam Bearings. I've reinstalled the pistons and crank with all new bearings and rings as well as a new rear main seal.

All the bores and bearing surfaces are at standard, no boring or machining as the block had very few miles and no wear issues.  So it's now a fresh short block looking for a new home.

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