2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport           

And the Project Objective is:
Brake Line fix Fluid Check and Change as Required  Check Steering Linkage/System 
Wiring Cleanup and fix's  Change Engine Oil and Filter  Fix Steering Leak 
New Head Lights with LED Turn/Park Lamps  Air Filter Change/Fix  Purchase and Install Drivers Side OEM Style Seat Belt 
Clean up Engine compartment and Bolt Down Loose Items  Check Front and Rear Suspension  Frame Inspection 

In the Beginning:


Front Fenders, Rock Sliders and Rear Fender Flairs

Other Pictures

Repairs, Modifications & Enhancements Completed

3 weeks and 49 hours to complete the following items:

Brake Line Replacement Install New Front Fenders Wiring cleanup and fixes
U-Joint Replacement in rear drive shaft Fabricate and Install new Front Inner Fenders Engine Oil and Filter Change as well as check other fluids and lubricate
Install new (remanufactured) steering Box Securely Mount and Support loose under hood items Install new 5 Point Seat Belts support bar
Install new Rear Fender Flairs New Air Intake and Filter Install new OEM style Driver's Seat Belt
Install new Rock Sliders New Front Headlights, Park, Turn and Side Lights Other miscellaneous items.

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