Some Assembly Required

It's a 1980 Dodge Power Wagon Short Bed and Equipped with:
727 Torqueflite Automatic Transmission
NP203D Full Time Transfercase (from 1979 Ramcharger)
Dana 44 Front and Dodge 9.25 Rear (from 1979 Ramcharger)

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  Some Assembly Required.
Here is how the truck was when I came across it.  The 1980 axles and Transfercase are being pulled out to be placed in a 1979 Ramcharger.  This will convert the Ramcharger to Part-Time Four Wheel Drive, and make this 1980 Power Wagon a Full Time Four Wheel Drive.
Looks like most of the parts are still here, a previous owner pulled the front clip off to pull the engine as it needed to be rebuilt.  Then the engine was disassembled and there it set.  The current owner bought it for the Axles and Transfercase, and I'll pickup the left overs.
The truck is the same Blue/Gray color scheme as my Pop's 1977 Power Wagon, and this will be a neat truck to build.  It will just be a Short Bed rather than a Long Bed like his, and I'll add more Power as well.

  Here are some pictures of My Pop's 1977 Long Bed Dodge Power Wagon in the same color scheme.