1949 Dodge Power Wagon           

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Yep it's a running, driving and stopping 1949 Dodge Power Wagon.

This 1949 Dodge Power Wagon, engine runs good, and is from a 1953 Dodge M37, but has had the Military Distributor and Oil Pump replaced with Civilian units, as well as starter and generator. The original engine spun a connecting rod bearing. This truck has an MU-2 10,000 LB Braden Winch. The truck also has good brakes and shifts well.

The Dodge Power Wagon was similar in design to the 3/4 ton WWII Weapons Carriers (WC) built by Dodge, with a 126 inch wheelbase, closed cab similar to the Dodge VC series trucks, and the front shell and grill similar to the T234 3/4 ton built by Dodge for the Chinese Army, also known as the Burma Road truck. A pickup box was designed that measured 8 feet long by 4 1/2 feet wide by 22 1/4 in high. Virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1945, to when its US domestic sales ended in 1968. Exports continued through 1971, and limited sales continued through 1978. The Power Wagon is The Classic Four-Wheel Drive Truck.

This Trucks Known History:

The truck lived a major portion of it's life at the IMC (International Minerals & Chemical Corporation).

They used it as a welding truck in one of their mines (Potash). It’s highly likely that the only reason the truck is still around is because it was a welding truck. If it had been a regular maintenance truck or a run about truck, it would have most likely been driven into the ground and, pushed into the tailing pile and left to rot. At least that's the fate of those types of trucks per a retired miner.

IMC was previously founded as United States Agricultural Corporation in the early 1900’s in Tennessee. The truck was most likely at their phosphate and potash operations in Carlsbad, New Mexico that was opened in 1940. In the 1960’s IMC became IMC Global and is still in operation today.

It later belonged to a gentleman that lived east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He bought it from a mining company (maybe IMC) at an auction when the mine closed. He put 4 new tires on it and sold the winch.

After that is was owned by a guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico that worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. Within 1 month of buying it, he received orders to ship off to Germany. Having no way to store it while he was going to be gone he sold it.

Then another guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico bought it and rebuilt the emergency brake and, steering knuckles (using all new bushings, seals and bearings). He installed roller bearings in the top steering knuckles (to give it that almost-power-steering feel). Replaced ALL wheel bearings, had the front drums turned, replaced the rear drums, new wheel cylinders, relined the original brake shoes and installed new brake lines. The truck still had the winch bumper but no winch when he bought it. He installed a winch that he got from a guy in Alabama that had imported a pallet of winches and bumpers from Denmark.

Since I've owned it (2003) I've enjoyed and maintained it, done some re-wiring and electrical/light fixes as well as replacing the engine. What does it need? Fuel tank needs to be cleaned and the carburetor needs to be rebuilt as well as a new front spring.

Model Number: B-1PW126 GVW: 8,700 lbs.
Truck (Cab & Frame) Serial Number: 83912457 Wheelbase: 126"
Body Tag Number: 4312-13868 Weight: 5,570# (3,200 Front - 2,370 Rear)
Engine Serial Number: was T137-14153 now is: T245A-254358 Length: 210" (w/winch)
Engine Displacement: 230 cu.in. L-Head In-Line 6 Cylinder Built at: Detroit Michigan Dodge Plant
Cylinder Bore: 3.25 in. Bed: 1st Series (correct for Model Year)
Stroke: 4.625 in. Electrical: 12V (Originally 6V, but converted by previous owner)
Horsepower: 74 at 2,800 RPM (Original Factory) Winch: MU2-2 10,000 LB, not the original unit, but from a Danish Military Power Wagon
Transmission: "Up to" type non-synchromesh Wheel Rim date: All four are 48
Gear Ratio: 5.83 Optional Equipment: MoPar Model 61 heater, dated Jan 30 1949
Two Speed New Process Transfer Case Original Color Scheme: Green over Black (40028 – Dodge Truck Dark Green)
9.00 x 16 NDT Tires mounted on Budd Wheels Current Paint/Color:  White Primmer, May 2011

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